Five people sat on the ground wearing gas masks. They are locked together with lock-on tubes

USA: WRL blocks tear gas factory

On Monday 17th August 2020, five activists from the US-based WRI affiliate War Resisters League (WRL) blockaded the entrance of Combined Systems Inc., a leading tear gas manufacturer, with giant tear gas cans and gas masks.

A large CMI Defence Cockerill CPWS turret on top of an armoured

Belgian organisations take court action to stop arms sales to Saudi

On Monday 14th September a number of peace and human rights organisations in Belgium launched a new procedure at the Council of State, pushing for the suspension of all permits allowing companies to export weapons to Saudi Arabia.

A group of soldiers on a large jeep driving through the desert. The jeep has a large gun on top and the soldiers are armed.

Niger: arms trade corruption has cost one of world's poorest countries $137m

An independent report into arms deals conducted by the government of Niger has revealed that the country may have lost at least $137m due to corruption and malpractice over an eight year period.

A "rejoiner" advert from the British military. Soldiers are silhoutted against the sun.

The British Armed Forces are using Covid-19 to solve a recruitment crisis and to heal their damaged reputation

The UK Ministry of Defence is using the Covid-19 pandemic to reverse a long-term recruitment crisis, which has seen it miss its enlistment targets for the past six years, and to repair damage to its reputation from the military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.